Squeeze Glove Box Plug Removal Tool

Step-by-step usage
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PN#...SQP-01 ($6 S&H)

You can:

  • Remove Ford, GM, AMC, Chrysler, & Jeep squeeze type Glove Box cylinder plugs fast
  • Self Aligning
  • Absolutely No Damage

You may have seen other tools and methods of removing the squeeze type glove box cylinders, but this is the original AAble Plug remover. No more fumbling, scratched fingers, adapters, multi-part gadgets or the need for three hands. This tool is so easy to use and so precisely made, that you could literally "do the job in the dark," and there is no need to remove the lock.

The tool slides over the back of the lock, and locates on the lock plungers. Flip the tool straight up, and it automatically engages the plug retaining tabs. Then, you just turn the knurled knob to spread the spread the retaining tabs and eject the lock plug.

Like all of my tools, the no-nonsense Squeeze-Lock Plug Remover is satisfaction guaranteed, quality built, and should last a lifetime.


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