Inter-Lockit Cylinder Protector....ILKT-01                ($6 S&H)
Inter-Lockit Herculite Doors.........ILKT-H01           ($6 S&H)
Inter-Lockit Cylinder Spacers....ILKT-SPCR...$7.00 ($6 S&H)
  • Hardened tool steel Cylinder Protector
  • Attachment screws for thin & extended cylinder
You can:
  • Protect cylinders from wrenching, drilling or prying


  • Mortise, rim, garage, sectional, panic device, and iron door cylinders.
  • Virtually all rim and mortise cylinders.
  • Ideal for Adams Rite doors.
Application is fast and easy. Supplied template locates one hole to make, Single 1/4" screw secures the hardened interlocking plate to the door. 1/2" thick, 1 5/8" wide, 4" long. Available spacers allow for long cylinder and thin door applications. This unique design STOPS cylinder attacks.


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