GM "Persuader"
For 6wafer GM Trunk cylinders

Step-by-step usage
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PN#...PS-01 ($6 S&H)


  • GM Persuader Tool & Cut Key

You Can:

  • Open 6w GM trunk locks when the
    • customer key will not turn the cylinder
    • lock is corroded or damaged
    • lock does not match door & glove box
  • Open 6w GM door locks also

The problem usually occurs when the spring retainer loosens and pops up, into the outer shell. It could also be caused by a worn key, jammed wafer, or simply the wrong key. The plug will not turn. The GM "Persuader" quickly and easily turns the plug to open the trunk. Repair or replace the cylinder to complete the job. No drilling, and no electric power needed. Open it fast, with the persuader.

This tool will open any GM door or trunk lock, where the tool fits into the cylinder cavity. No keys, no codes, or a damaged lock? Insert the tool, and turn it about 1/4 of a turn with a wrench (only far enough to open the trunk). The unique design allows controlled high torque force. Easier & Quicker method for making trunk & door keys. Avoids removing door panels, when the trunk lock is present. Made of hardened steel, nothing to wear out.


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