GM 1994 & UP 10wafer Ignition
"Column Mounted" Removal Kit

GM 9 Wafer Ignition Removal Kit
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PN#...GM10K-01 ($6 S&H)


  • Hardened Drill Guide
  • Special Drill Bit & Arbor
  • Sidebar Pressure Tool
  • Special "Straight Pick"
  • Plastic Repair Plugs

You Can:

  • Pick working ignitions to the "ON" position for removal
  • Read code or diss. to make a key
  • Reassemble & replace the ignition,
    Ignition is not ruined

The GM lU wafer ignition must be in the "ON" position for removal This kit contains all of the special tools needed to pick the ignition and repair it. Precision tool steel drill guide locates the position for the access hole. Special drill bit and arbor are used to drill the face of the ignition. The arbor limits the depth of the drill, preventing damage to the sidebar. Sidebar pressure tool applies pressure to the sidebar, as the straight pick manipulates the wafers. The picked cylinder is removed to find code or disassembled to make the key. Repair plugs make an invisible repair . If you have this kit, you will need the up-dater kit for "Narrow Face" style ignitions. See Parts Page $20 00


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