Ford "Disc-Out" Kit
For all 5 pin Ford Ignitions, 1979 to present

Ford Disk-Out Kit
Step-by-step usage
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PN#...DOK-01 ($6 S&H)


  • Hardened Drill Guide
  • Special Arbor & Cutter
  • Special Cylinder Shims

You Can:

  • Remove the protective "Hard Disc"
  • Shim-pick ignition to the "ON" position for removal
  • Drill the shear line of non-working ignitions, for removal.

There is nothing on the market that works as well or as fast as the "Disc-Out" kit. The "Disc-Out" kit speeds and simplifies ignition cylinder removal. As you know, these cylinders are retained by two means: the tail shaft and a push-in locking pin. Both retainers require the ignition to be in the "ON-RUN" position for removal.

The shear line is protected by a hard steel disc. With the "Disc-Out" kit, you can cleanly remove this hard disc in less than one minute. Included special shims allow you to shim-pick the ignition from the front, to rotate the ignition to the "ON" position. The complete job will take no more than 5 minutes. If the ignition is damaged, you will have easy eccess to the shear line, to drill the pins. Complete step-by-step photo instructions are included.


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