Ford 8 wafer Ignition Removal & Sidebar Breaker Tool Kit
(1996 & up)

Ford 8 Wafer Ignition Removal Kit
Step-by-step usage
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PN#...F8K-01 ($6 S&H)


  • Force Tool / Drill Guide
  • Special Drill Bit & Arbor
  • Sidebar Pressure Tool
  • Special Wafer Pick Tool
  • Short "Cut Key"

You Can:

  • Pick working ignitions, to decode & make key
  • Force non-working ignitions, to code & replace ignition

With the Aable "Ford 8 wafer Ignition Removal & Sidebar Breaker Tool Kit," you have all the special tools necessary to quickly and professionally remove all Ford 8 wafer ignitions. (Nissan Quest & Villager) Pick working igns. To the "ON-RUN" position to remove. Decode wafers to find the key for the doors and trunk. Force non-working igns. To the "ON-RUN" position for removal and replacement. Quick, professional, and clean. Tool steel. Complete instructions.


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