"Ace Breaker" Kit

Ace Breaker KJit
Step-by-step usage
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PN#...ABK-01 ($6 S&H)


  • Ace "Breaker" Head
  • Hardened Drill Guide
  • 5/16" stub drill
  • Handle for Drill Guide & Breaker Head

You Can:

  • Open/defeat most tubular type locks
  • Open tubular cam locks, padlocks, rim & mortise cylinders.
  • With and without hardened center post.


Ace, AceII, American, Unican = hard head
Parker, Gem, Fort, Guard, Greenwald & most imported = soft head

This unique tool cut the pins and springs. This eliminates the usual problems encountered drilling hard face locks, Tool #1 removes the hard center post or "head" in about 10 seconds, without drilling. Tool #2 guides the drill through the center core. When you are about 1/2" deep, the core will come loose from the housing, and rotate freely. On cam and screw type cylinders, the job is complete at this point. Some cylinders require the use of both tools. Some cylinders will open easily, using only the breaker tool in the keyway. Apply turning pressure in the opening direction, and the cylinder will turn in the housing. The lock is opened. Step-by-step photos & instructions.


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